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About Us

Fastlane is a three-month program in which a handful of startups focus on the car shopping space to collaborate with Edmunds to test their ideas and products. Edmunds provides the startups access to its product development, technology, user experience and analytics expertise resources so that the startups can mature their understanding of their product or service's value and then test and validate their products/ideas and develop market adoption strategies.

Why Fastlane?


Access to facilitated strategy and innovation workshops that help the team identify their primary consumers, business model, market segment and more!


Access to entrepreneurs and experts in the automotive space to provide insight into the industry's challenges and help the teams avoid classic pitfalls.

Growth and Development

Access to leaders in technology, design, analytics, and business development within Edmunds.

Access to Edmunds' distribution channels and dealer network for market insights and product testing.

Office Space and Resources

Access to Edmunds' award-winning office space and resources in Santa Monica, CA.

Access to collaborative activities with fellow Fastlane participants.

How Does It Work

Team Selection and Invites

How does fastlane work

Get Selected

The invitation to take part of Fastlane is sent to a select number of teams who have shown great promise at our annual hackathon–Hackomotive. This accelerator program offers those teams an opportunity to take their products to the next level.

Testing –> Learning –> Repeat

This is where the magic happens! The Fastlane program is about making the participating teams go through an iterative process of product ideation, validation, learning all through constant interaction with their primary consumers.

Demo Day

The culmination of the program is the Demo Day where teams present their final product offering to the Fastlane Board and the entire Edmunds staff.


Kelly Stacy

Kelly Stacy

Phil Potloff

Phil Potloff

Liz Harsh

Liz Harsh

Frank Lin

Frank Lin

Peter Artmont

Peter Artmont


CuNexus A consumer-lending platform that allows lenders to provide their most creditworthy customers with "Perpetual Loan Approval".

fiSpeed Automates and accelerates the retail delivery process with enhanced customer happiness, deal speed and value.

Leasify An iPhone app that simplifies the new car leasing process. Leasify analyzes quote details with a sophisticated algorithm, publishes a "Deal Score" and provides personalized recommendations.

MyAutoCloud A third-party partner that streamlines communication between the dealer and the customer. Creates more leads for sales, service and finance.

Authority Auto A white-glove car buying concierge service.

ZipFlip Radically simplifies the selling process for the private party market.


A: Today technology is systematically reducing the barriers to entry to existing markets as well as the development of new ones. Market leaders are losing their dominant positions at an increasing rate.

In this rapidly changing environment, how should an established digital publisher like Edmunds respond when faced with increasing competition and business model challenges? Many companies simply try to run the race faster and do more as opposed to stepping back and thinking about a better approach.

In 2011, Edmunds launched its Open Platform initiative with the intention of making all of its proprietary data, content and inventory available free of charge to developers. This was a radical proposition given that Edmunds did not restrict access to non-competitive groups, and instead encouraged industry veterans and newcomers alike to contemplate new ways of leveraging its set of APIs to create new and potentially competing shopping experiences. Instead of building barriers to entry, they were purposely tearing them down.
A: The FastLane Accelerator is a three-month program where a small group of startups work with to test new car shopping products and experiences. Tapping into product development, technology, user experience and analytics expertise from, car shopping startups are able to quickly and effectively validate their ideas, learn more about their users and develop market adoption strategies.

FastLane Accelerator groups are limited to a handful of startups focused on the car shopping space who are guided through a series of tasks and challenges intended to mature their understanding of their product or service's value. Throughout the program startups will learn who is their best customer, how to get more of those customers, how to monetize those customers, and how to keep them. At the conclusion of the FastLane Accelerator, startups will have enough product feedback to inform their next steps for growth either within or outside of the Edmunds ecosystem.
  • Three-month program duration
  • Expert facilitated strategy and innovation workshops
  • Dedicated Edmunds product specialist assigned to each startup
  • Access website visitor traffic and dealer network for product testing
  • Consulting sessions with technology, design, analytics, and business development leadership within Edmunds
  • User experience research and testing
  • Collaborative activities with fellow program startup teams
  • Optional temporary office space and resources at Edmunds HQ in Santa Monica
  • Board Pitch Day where each startup presents their refined offering and proposed next steps to the Accelerator Board
A: Startups participating in the FastLane Accelerator are expected to complete each defined step in the three-month program. While those that commit the greatest amount of focus are likely to benefit most, it is not expected or designed for teams to commit all of their capacity to the program.

A few of the activities require team attendance onsite at Edmunds offices in Santa Monica for a day or two at the beginning and end of the program as well as highly-encouraged attendance for the expert workshops, but for the most part the teams can participate virtually for the remaining activities. Those startup teams taking advantage of the Edmunds office space will have the added benefit of direct adjacency to the Edmunds expert resources.

Startup teams are not required to enter into any exclusive use agreements as part of the program, nor are they precluded from pursuing new or existing business opportunities outside of the program. At the conclusion of the program participants can choose to accept a possible offer of continued partnership with Edmunds or move forward without further obligation.
A: Unlike most accelerator programs, Edmunds does not seek any equity position or intellectual property rights as a condition for access to the program and its benefits. Edmunds maintains its own aggressive product roadmap and does not have unlimited resources to pursue developing all of the good ideas that might add value to the car shopping experience. By working with entrepreneurs passionate about solving problems for car shoppers, Edmunds is able to offer their visitors and dealers access to more solutions that strengthens its position as a trusted resource for consumers and partners.
A: FastLane is a summer program that runs from the beginning of June to the end of August.
A: Fastlane will take place at the HQ in Santa Monica, CA.
A: Yes. Please follow us on Twitter for up-to-the-minute updates on the program, the participants and other news.
A: Fastlane is an invitation-only event. Startups that participated in Hackomotive and have shown great promise in making car shopping better are usually invited to participate.