Building the Future of a
Trusted Car Shopping Experience

March 24-26, 2015
Santa Monica, CA

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What is Hackomotive '15

Hackomotive is a three-day competition between innovators and entrepreneurs in the car shopping industry to re-imagine the future of car shopping. As an established, third-party automotive brand, is positioned to create a trusted car shopping experience. During the competition, participants will develop their ideas into prototypes with the guidance and motivation of industry experts. On the final day, teams will pitch their products and services to a panel of judges, competing for the three cash prizes. The best of the best may be invited to continue on in Edmunds' Fastlane Accelerator program.

2015 Winners
Congratulations to our Hackmotive winners!

1 prize $20K


Tim Kelly, Joe Alegre, Dewey Hammond, Austin VanRider

2 prize $10K


Brian Langel, Mavi Puri, Teri Occiano

3 prize $5K


Justin Davis, Jason Broom


Aaron Rosenthal, Adam Jansen, Ryan Merak


Cornelius Kemp, Jason Meredith

Frank Schwartz, Steve Schwartz, Ron Copeland, Brian Fioritto


Kai Li Yu, Bo Chen

Credit Concierge

Dave Buerger, Darin Chong, Craig Durkey, John Reich

Peter Somerman, Paul McLaughlin


Shawn Green, Jon Crump, Pete MacDonald


Truman Rendina, Victor Redina


Jeremy Taunton, Benjamin Schneider, Beejan


Trevor Biggs, Marcell Osvath

Ultralight Networks

Vipul Sawhney, Jeremy Griffith

List of team members coming soon

RideSnap Inc.

List of team members coming soon

Comparify Cars

List of team members coming soon


List of team members coming soon

How Does It Work

Idea Selected?

How does fastlane work

Submit application

The deadline for 2015 applications has passed. Twenty teams have been chosen.

to follow their progress and to stay ahead of the 2016 deadline.

Develop ideas

Teams will work with mentors and utilize resources to improve their ideas and prepare pitches.

Compete for cash prize and further support

Teams present their ideas to judges who choose winners of prizes: $20,000 for first place, $10,000 for second place and $5,000 for third place. may also select products and ideas for its Fastlane Accelerator.




Hackomotive background

Why is having this event? is committed to helping make car shopping easier. A car is the second biggest purchase for most consumers, and the buying process remains an unpleasant, anxiety-filled experience that has changed little even with the benefit of online resources. By recognizing, rewarding and supporting innovations happening in this area, we believe we can improve the car buying experience even more dramatically than we do with our own Web site.

Why is this a competition?

Creating an environment where the best products are rewarded drives people to perform their best and give their all.


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